Mission Statement

ETPA is a nonprofit scientific organisation which has a purpose the profound understanding of the human being, from a holistic perspective. Through it an alliance between science and spirituality is created having as objective the rebirth of the contemporary man.

Transpersonal psychology stresses the importance of an integral frame of reference recognising the complementarity existing between psychology and the meditative and wisdom traditions, open to the scientific and the social field. For the planet’s life to last, our main responsibility must be placed on education and the preparation of future generations.

Our Team

Anca Munteanu


She is a university professor in Psychology Department, Faculty of Sociology and Psychology, West University of Timisoara (ROMANIA). Doctor Honoris Causa (2010), Emeritus Professor (from 2013), Bologna Professor (2014). Since the year 2000 she teaches Transpersonal Psychology, for Psychology students in West University of Timisoara. Published 12 books as author and 35 in collaboration, and over 160 articles and research papers, in volumes and journals. Is trained in Group Experiential Psychotherapy and in Transpersonal Psychology and Psychotherapy. Trainer in Transpersonal Psychotherapy. Since 2013 initiated in Timisoara a transpersonal psychotherapy training group, along with prestigious professionals from abroad and also from Romania. In 2018 she published an extensive book about Transpersonal Psychology, with the title: “Psihologia Transpersonală, peregrinaj dincolo de văl”.


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Laura Boggio Gilot

Honorary President

Founder and President of the Italian Association of Transpersonal Psychology (AIPT), cofounder and Past-President of the European Transpersonal Association (EUROTAS) and of the European Transpersonal Psychology Association (ETPA) of which she currently is Honorary President. She is a clinical psychologist and psychotherapist, professionally trained in the Italian Society of Therapeutic Psychosynthesis (Sipt) and Instructor of Yoga Vedanta meditation under the guidance of Raphael. Author of texts on the development of consciousness and the relationship between psychotherapy and meditation, since 1980 she was involved in promoting Transpersonal Psychology through courses, congresses and publications, paying particular attention to the Integral approach. Published 20 books, and more than 100 articles. She gave courses and lectures in Europe, in Colombia, and in the United States, particularly at the California School for Integral Studies and the Institute for Humanistic Psychology in San Francisco, and at the California School for Professional Psychology in Fresno and Berkeley.


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Regina U Hess


Dr. Regina U. Hess, lives in The Hague, Netherlands, is a clinical psychologist from Germany, and holds a joint PhD in transpersonal psychology (USA) and embodied phenomenology (UK). She lived and worked in India and Nepal in spiritual, humanitarian and research projects. Regina integrates shamanic perspectives e.g. drawing on Mexican and Native Indian, West-African, Celtic cultures. She is specialist in working on the transformation of individual and collective/transgenerational transcultural trauma and the integration of the therapeutic-shamanic use of altered states of consciousness. She is in the psychedelic psychotherapy training team of the Swiss Medical Association for Psycholytic Therapy, in the integration program team of the MIND Foundation for Psychedelic Science, and core faculty at the Microdosing Institute, Netherlands. She is board member in the EUROTAS Global Transpersonal Network and the International Transpersonal Association.


Ionel Mohirta


Ionel Mohîrţă Ph.D. is a Romanian is a clinical psychologist, transpersonal psychotherapist, the founder of Sonoluminescent Psychology and Therapy. Studied psychology at Bucharest University, has a PhD in psychology, Associate Professor at «Danubius» University, and is the Vicepresident of The European Association of Transpersonal Psychology, Executive Director of the Romanian Association of Transpersonal Psychology and the editor at the Romanian Journal of Transpersonal Psychology. He specializes in regression therapy, internal Taoist alchemy, analytical psychology and Pneuma breathwork and has developed a life long experimental and theoretical research in Psychothanatology. He has written numerous articles and is the author of several books: The Eternal Vibration of the Soul (2003), The Path of the Soul. A Journey into Profound Reality (2005), Sonoluminescent Psychology. A Project of Quantum Psychology (2011), The Secret of Eternal Youth. The Balance of the bioelectric age (2013), Introduction to Psychothanatology. The journey of consciousness through death (2018). After he published the psychothanatological study The Eternal Vibration of the Soul in 2003, he conducted research on the influence of light and sound on the human personality.


Stefano Pischiutta


He achieved his degree in Developmental and Educational Psychology with honours and the Gestalt Counsellor certificate in 1999. He has been on the Regional Psychologists’s Register since 2001; He obtained the Gestalt Psychotherapist certificate in 2004 and the European Certificate in Psychology in 2009. He is an active member of the European Transpersonal Psychology Association and  carries out his private psychotherapist activity in Rome, where he lives. He believes that his own life experiences, personal growth and a continuous pathway of investigation and spiritual transformation, are an indispensable factor for my therapeutic practice, aside from my personal training on psychotherapy.


Camelia Ana Hanos

Secretary ETPA

Camelia began her academic journey by following in her mother’s footsteps at Babeș-Bolyai University in Cluj-Napoca, where she graduated from the Faculty of Mathematics, laying a solid foundation for analytical thinking. Inspired by her own life experiences and a desire to delve into the depths of human behavior and emotions, she continued her studies at the Faculty of Psychology within the same university. At the West University of Timișoara, she deepened her knowledge by obtaining a double master’s degree in Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy, with specializations in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Systemic Family Therapy. This education was complemented by her accreditation as a clinical psychologist and psychotherapist in training by the Romanian Board of Psychologists.

Her desire to expand her therapeutic skills led her to Berlin, the cradle of Family Constellations, where she received her specialized training. This experience deepened her understanding of family dynamics and the ways they influence the individual, opening new paths in her therapeutic approach.

Professionally, Camelia has integrated her mathematical expertise, psychological skills, and therapeutic specializations into a unique practice based on Transpersonal Psychotherapy. In her work, Camelia delicately molds consciousness, encouraging her clients to masterfully carve their own destinies on paths where authenticity is revealed in all its splendor. Everything unfolds in a subtle orchestration of introspection, where each chord is a step towards embracing one’s essence with nobility and discernment.

A personal challenge in 2013, related to a mysterious and debilitating illness, marked a turning point in her life, beginning a deep journey of self-discovery and redefining her therapeutic approach. This period also ignited her interest in the therapeutic use of psychedelics, opening new paths of exploration. She is inspired by the burgeoning research in the field, which has enriched her practice and provided her with innovative tools to facilitate profound healing and self-awareness among her clients.


Iuliana Costea


Dr. Iuliana Costea is a university professor at the Psychology Department from the Faculty of Sociology and Psychology, West University of Timisoara from 2009. She is a clinical psychologist and a member of the Collage of Psychologist from Romania, having certification in clinical psychology, educational psychology, family and couple counselling and psychotherapy (experiential and transpersonal). She studied psychology and has a master degree from the West University of Timisoara, and finished her phd at the University of Bucharest in 2013.


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Our Promise

A central purpose of the transpersonal movement is to develop a spiritual psychology, as already intended by A. Maslow, focused on the needs of whole humanity rather than egocentric needs, able to love all human beings and to respect life, bringing values and hope to mankind

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