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Asociatia Româna de Psihologie Transpersonala (ARPT)

The Romanian Association of Transpersonal Psychology has as a purpose the initiation, promotion, development and application of transpersonal psychology at an extensive level, as well as others humanistic disciplines which study the transpersonal experiences and manifestations. ARTP is a nonprofit association, independent of other public institutions and apolitical.

Pneuma Institute

The multidisciplinary, academic, artistic and spiritual education provided by Pneuma Institute gives you the possibility to cultivate a transcendental type of consciousness and abolish fear, which blocks the creative force that gives way to pure, spontaneous activity in everyday life. Pneuma Psychology will give you the scientific methods and procedures that human beings need to know themselves, transform themselves radically and contribute to the creation of a new Culture of Peace.

Association Française du Transpersonnel (AFT)

The French Association of Transpersonal (A.F T.) aims at research, study, practice and applications of the transpersonal approach in all fields. Open to all, it does not propose any professional objective. It is a non-profit, non-political association founded in 1985 as a meeting and communication center for all individuals and groups involved in various aspects of spiritual rebirth.

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September 11th, 2023|0 Comments

🌟✨ Special Announcement! 🌟✨ 🌱 Enrollment for Transpersonal Psychotherapy Training in Romania is now open!

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