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Anca Munteanu
Anca MunteanuPresident

She is a university professor in Psychology Department, Faculty of Sociology and Psychology, West University of Timisoara (ROMANIA). Doctor Honoris Causa (2010), Emeritus Professor (from 2013), Bologna Professor (2014). Read more

Laura Boggio Gilot
Laura Boggio GilotHonorary President

Founder and President of the Italian Association of Transpersonal Psychology (AIPT), cofounder and Past-President of the European Transpersonal Association (EUROTAS) and of the European Transpersonal Psychology Association (ETPA) of which she currently is Honorary President. Read more

Regina U Hess
Regina U HessVice President

Dr. Regina U. Hess, lives in The Hague, Netherlands, is a clinical psychologist from Germany, and holds a joint PhD in transpersonal psychology (USA) and embodied phenomenology (UK). She lived and worked in India and Nepal in spiritual, humanitarian and
research projects. Regina integrates shamanic perspectives e.g. drawing on Mexican and Native Indian, West-African, Celtic cultures.Read more

Ionel Mohîrță
Ionel Mohîrță Vice President

Ionel Mohîrţă Ph.D. is a Romanian is a clinical psychologist, transpersonal psychotherapist, the founder of Sonoluminescent Psychology and Therapy. Studied psychology at Bucharest University, has a PhD in psychology, Associate Professor at «Danubius» University, and is the Vicepresident of The European Association of Transpersonal Psychology, Executive Director of the Romanian Association of Transpersonal Psychology and the editor at the Romanian Journal of Transpersonal Psychology. Read more

Stefano Pischiutta
Stefano PischiuttaChancellor

He achieved his degree in Developmental and Educational Psychology with honours and the Gestalt Counsellor certificate in 1999. He has been on the Regional Psychologists’s Register since 2001; He obtained the Gestalt Psychotherapist certificate in 2004 and the European Certificate in Psychology in 2009. Read more

Camelia Ana Hanos
Camelia Ana HanosSecretary

Camelia Hanos graduated from the Faculty of Psychology at Babeș-Bolyai University in Cluj-Napoca and holds a double Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy from the West University of Timișoara; she is a clinical psychologist and psychotherapist in training, accredited by the Romanian Board of Psychologists. Read more

Iuliana Costea
Iuliana CosteaVice President ETPA

Lect. univ. dr Iuliana Costea is a professor at the Psychology department of the Faculty of Psychology and Sociology from West University of Timisoara. Read more

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