Transpersonal Psychotherapy Training

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Transpersonal Psychotherapy Training

ETPA organises training in Transpersonal Psychotherapy accredited by COPSI (Collage of Psychologist of Romania).



prof. univ. dr. Anca Munteanu (Romania) – The theoretic and practical fundaments of Transpersonal Psychotherapy and Psychology

prof. univ. dr. Mihaela Minulescu (Romania) – Analytical Psychotherapy

psychotherapist dr. Vitor Rodrigues (Portugal) – Regression therapy and Hypnosis

psychotherapist dr. Juan Ruiz Naupari (Peru) – Pneuma Transpersonal Training

psychotherapist Maite Pardo Sol (Spain) – Pneuma Transpersonal Training and Dream Analysis

psychotherapist dr. Stefano Pischiutta (Italy) – Integral Psychotherapy

psychotherapist dr. Jure Biechonski (Estonia) – Psychoneuroimmunology


COPSI’s requires a total number of 800 hours, out of each 150 hours of personal development, 500 hours of training, and 150 hours of supervision. The training lasts for 2-3 years, and the modules will be scheduled together with the professors, having 6 modules of 5 days every year.


Degree requirements for prospective psychotherapist may vary from country to country, please check the legislation in your country.

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